Noise reduction

Lambda SA (silent air) is a modular soundproofing system based on Hueck’s Lambda 090 window system, which can reduce noise pollution by up to 39dB, even when the window sash is open in the tilted position.

Lambda SA is ideal for use in new-build and refurbishment projects where the requirements for soundproofing are high, such as densely populated areas and homes near airports and railway lines.

Different combinations of soundproofing system components mean different demands for soundproofing, economic viability and the possible width of the tilted position opening can be achieved.

For example, a fanlight for rush airing can be combined with a special bottom light window for sound-proof continuous ventilation. And Lambda SA can also be used with windows that do not have a bottom light window.

Leon Friend, director at Hueck, said: “Windows are only sound-proof when they’re closed but the requirement for quietness conflicts with people’s need for natural ventilation.

“Lambda SA allows end users to have the best of both worlds, offering a comfortable room climate, energy efficient ventilation and an increased quality of life. It’s a new product to the window market and we’re excited to be launching it to our UK customers.”

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