New value package launched

BM Aluminium saw a 20% increase in the number of customers installing software CNC links in 2019.

That was in line with the overall increase in machinery investment made by fabricators getting into the aluminium market for the first time, and those looking to increase their efficiency by automating more of their processes, the company said.

As the trend looks set to continue into 2020, BM Aluminium has reviewed the set-up package that it offers to customers, and is now offering both standard and added value options.

The standard option gives customers two days of onsite installation support from a Business Micros technician, while the added value alternative replaces the second day onsite with an extended remote session a week or so later. With a remote session priced at just 20% of the cost of an onsite installation day, this represents a significant potential saving for fabricators.

Dan Hodges, CNC implementation manager at BM Aluminium, said: “The main reason for introducing the second remote training day was because it gives customers the chance to work with the machine for a few days and draw up their own list of niggles and queries which we can then resolve for them either on the phone or via TeamViewer once they are up and running. It’s an efficient way of doing things and the fact that it works out cheaper is just an added bonus.

“Customers can obviously choose whichever option suits them best though, and we can provide advice and support throughout the process.”

BM Aluminium has now carried out more than 130 CNC links for fabricators in the UK and Ireland and already has a number of installations scheduled for 2020.