New smart-tinting glass available

New from AGC, Halio is a smart-tinting glass that tints to shades of neutral grey to deliver sun blocking, anti-glare protection and privacy – automatically or on demand – while looking like ordinary glass.

With its uniform tinting and real-time responsiveness, Halio is versatile, and its neutral grey tints are compatible with any colour palette or style of home or building, AGC said.

Halio can be programmed to respond to the weather, time or the sun’s position during the day. It can also be manually operated – with voice commands or wall-mounted controls. Tinting begins instantly, and Halio offers the flexibility of stopping mid-programme when a desired shade is achieved. In large floor-to-ceiling windows, the darkest shade of grey is achieved in less than five minutes.

In its darkest state, Halio provides privacy levels not possible with traditional glass. When used for interior walls, Halio creates flexible, light-filled, open rooms that can become private on demand.

Halio smart-tinting glass gives homeowners and building occupants complete control of when and how much natural light to let into their living and work spaces. Halio windows can tint independently or in groups.

Halio is designed to be as easy to use as a light switch. It’s a standalone system that gives users multiple control options – a mobile app and sleekly-designed wall mount controls. It can also be activated by voice commands. Featuring bank-level encryption and security provisions, Halio integrates seamlessly with popular home and building management systems (BMS).

Halio is the result of a strategic partnership with Kinestral Technologies (US) started six months ago. Apart from combining the know-how of the companies involved, the partnership is also financial, industrial and commercial.

AGC has acquired a financial stake, while the two partners are collaborating in building a large-scale production plant and combining their marketing networks.

Halio will be available at the start of 2018.