New sliding patio door

Made For Trade has launched the Visoglide Plus sliding patio door.

Sliding patio doors fill the same spaces, but offer a slightly different solution to bifold doors, the company said. Sliders can be more suited to smaller spaces which might not have the room for the perpendicular stacking of the bifolds when they are open.

Compact opening then, along with the advantages of larger glazed areas make them a great option when choosing between products, and customers like options.

Furthermore, MFT said modern aluminium sliders don’t come with any of the bulk and distortion issues associated with PVC options, and the product area is enjoying a bit of a renaissance now that properly thermally broken systems are the norm.

Bradley Gaunt, managing director of MFT, said: “As a leading aluminium systems manufacturer we often get asked for price comparisons on sliding patio doors. Historically, bifold sales have dominated the market and we favour volume production to deliver the best value for our customers. Over the last year or so, though, the voices asking for sliders has increased to a point where we believe the demand is there to warrant setting up a dedicated MFT production facility to supply it, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

MFT has invested £500,000 on acquiring and kitting out a 50,000ft2 facility in Hartlepool, initially creating around 20 new jobs in the process. The new site is capable of manufacturing 100+ door sets per week, with phased expansion plans to quadruple that number as market demand dictates.

MFT said it manufacturing recipe comes straight from the bifolding door factory, with 100% QC checks taking place on every completed product before it is carefully packaged, and finally loaded onto one of MFT’s next generation delivery vehicles for its journey to site.

MFT’s Chris Wann said: “We chose to fabricate the Smart Visoglide Plus as the product shares the Visofold reputation for being a hassle-free trade offering, especially when it’s been precision fabricated by us. The company’s mission statement is the best products at the best prices with the best service and we always apply it with the trade customers in mind.

“When it comes to trade products the customers need to be confident that the product they have chosen will be fit and forget. And, of course, it’s got to be at the most competitive price point in the market.”

MFT’s initial trade-oriented offering will be two-track doors of multiple configurations up to 6.4m wide and 2.5m high. This could be extended if the market demands, the company said.

Stock colours include white, grey, black, dual colour grey on white, and those willing to wait a little longer for their product can order in any RAL colour they like. Hardware will be offered in white, black, grey or brushed stainless steel.

The configuration options chosen allow all doors to be supplied fully assembled, unless a kit form option is specified, and can all be glazed after the door is installed as opposed to having pre-glazed panels.

Glass units are available through MFT but will be delivered direct to site from the glass supplier.