New sheet material seaming tool

Bohle has unveiled its new seaming tool, making the accurate positioning of heavy sheet materials simple and safe.

The new pump-action Veribor Seaming Tool can be used to accurately align and join, or set a defined gap between smooth sheet materials.

With a maximum horizontal clamping force of up to 1,200N, the system combines a high level of safety, with the capacity to join heavy sheet materials with millimetre accuracy.

Amanda Carr, business development executive at Bohle, said: “Accurate alignment of heavy sheet materials can be difficult. The new Veribor Seaming Tool deploys Bohle’s proven suction-lifting technologies to millimetre accurate positioning of sheet material, guaranteeing a flush finish.

“Suitable for use on vertical or horizontal axis, the pump action creates an ultra-strong vacuum and high clamping forces, making it perfect for joining glass, metals, plastic, coated wood and stoneware, or setting a defined gap between them.”  

In addition to manual pump activation of suction lifters, the Veribor Seaming Tool also features a monitoring function which confirms the fix and vacuum release valve.

Precise positioning of sheet material is made easy using a quick adjustment screw and threaded spindle and eccentric level for height adjustment.

“The applications for the Veribor Seaming Tool are almost endless,” Amanda said. “It simplifies joining of glazed units, to the fitting of marble or granite work tops or tiles. The exceptionally high clamping forces that it delivers, guarantees a hold.”