New range of glass inks

Tecglass claims to have brought sweeping changes to the inks sector for digital printing on glass, with the launch of With Jetver Ultra.

The Spanish company has developed a new line of inks engineered to enhance the colours of glass walls, delivering particularly brilliant colours, especially in the most diverse shades of red, yellow and orange.

Tecglass has taken into consideration all the manufacturing aspects of ceramic inks, from development of the frit to the study of colour. Given their extremely high resistance to the effects of wear, abrasion, UV radiation and climatic stress, Jetver Ultra inks are suited to all types of applications and are especially valuable in architecture and interior design, the company said.

The entire range comes in eight base colours (white, black, pure yellow, pure red, green, blue, ochre yellow and dark red) and in all the in-between shades of colour, including special effects (upon request), and is ideal for extremely durable results, even under the most challenging conditions.