New PVCU welding machine

Emmegi (UK) will launch a new seamless welder specifically for PVCU windows and door frames.

The Fusion 4H welder has previously been on show at Fensterbau and Made but this will be the first time it has been seen in the UK.

It is a fully digital, horizontal CNC machine which simultaneously welds four 90° PVCU corners. It allows users to adjust the size of the weld bead from as little as 0.2mm up to a standard maximum of 2mm, and also comes with the option of a seamless weld using Emmegi’s ‘Seamless’ technology

The Seamless system on the Fusion 4H uses specially designed counterblocks to achieve optimum digital control of the axis and maximum precision in the welding head movements. This offers the kind of incremental adjustment that is not achievable with the pneumatic cylinders used on conventional welders, the company said. It delivers an impressive finish and significantly simplifies and shortens the subsequent machining cycle.

Emmegi said that what makes the Fusion 4H particularly impressive is the speed; as well as the Seamless option, it also offers manual loading and automatic unloading and a fully programmable variable cycle to carry out the heating and welding automatically.

Special attention has been paid to the ergonomics as well, with built in LEDs on the welder heads showing the status of the machine at any given moment to alert the operator to any actions required.

The distinctively styled Fusion 4H comes in two sizes for maximum frame sizes of 2,430mm x 2,630mm or 3,430mm x 2,630mm. It will be on display at FIT alongside an Emmegi Contour milling machine to prep the profiles ready for welding.

Ian Latimer, managing director of Emmegi (UK), said: “With so many of our customers fabricating in both aluminium and PVCU now, it makes sense for us to be able to offer a wider range of machines. Emmegi’s PVCU range has all the same quality, durability and design elements as our aluminium range, and obviously comes with the same level of UK based support and service.”

Although Emmegi in the UK has made its name supplying to the aluminium market, the global Emmegi group has a proven track record in PVCU machinery with a comprehensive range which includes machining and cutting centres, saws, corner cleaners and welders.

The Emmegi stand at FIT won’t just be about the Fusion 4H though. The emphasis will also be on the core products for the aluminium market with a mix of machining centres, welders and saw options, and plenty of ancillary machines and equipment such as crimpers, copy routers, trolleys and benches on display to give visitors maximum choice.

This will include the fully enclosed Comet R6 five-axis machining centre, the smaller Phantomatic M4L four-axis version and two of Emmegi’s most popular saws – the 5m Combi Electra Star and the 6m Precision TS2.