New openings

PET-TEK has reported that its clear frame pet doors for glass applications are popular with homeowners looking for a robust pet door for glass that doesn’t look ugly in social areas of the home.

The increase in use in these areas coincides with homeowners’ demand for large vistas using minimal framed sliding or bifold doors and the ever-increasing popularity of conservatories and orangeries.

Mark Bowler, sales director of The Window Exchange, has a PET-TEK G-SDDC clear frame pet door installed on one of the many conservatories and window displays on show at his showroom in Northwich, Cheshire.

“We recently installed the PET-TEK G-SDDC clear frame pet door following requests by our customers for glass fitted pet doors that don’t look messy or compromise the design of their new windows, doors or conservatory,” Mark said. “We have to point the pet door out to people as it blends in nicely, but once they see it the response is great.”

Steven King, owner of Pet-Tek, said: “We manufacture a large range of pet doors for all door types and applications, such as metal, PVCU, wood and glass. The glass range is increasing in popularity very quickly. We believe this is due to the trend for ‘bringing the outside, inside’ with large conservatories or large bifold or sliding doors in kitchen dinners and rear extensions to the home, coupled with our glass fitting pet doors being aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable.

“Homeowners aren’t afraid to install our pet doors in the most suitable location, even if that means installing into a conservatory. Pet doors are no longer hidden away in the back door of the kitchen or utility room.”