New network development programme

Solidor is set to launch a new, Network Development Programme, which begins with an upgrade to the installer search engine on its website, which promotes retailers via a postcode driven search.

Trade partners are no longer categorised as ‘premium’ and ‘recommended’ and have instead been replaced by a series of icons that represent a number of business criteria and standards.

These were assessed, following a trade audit carried out in 2017, and cover a variety of relevant measures, such as the nature of any showroom, what products they offer, and whether they have Fensa or Certass certification. There is also a further icon for those companies that manufacture their own Solidor using a different frame, hardware and accessories. All of which is designed to give customers a better understanding of the businesses.

Another part of the Network Development Programme is an award for ‘Showroom of the Month’, which will reflect those companies that provide an outstanding sales environment for consumers.

Solidor owners will also be encouraged to allow their door to be professionally photographed and included in the popular Lifestyle Brochure, with the incentive of a £100 Amazon voucher. There will also be a number of other initiatives launched throughout 2018.

Gareth Busson, head of sales and marketing at Solidor Group, said: “Other programme benefits will also come to fruition during the year and collectively these will really set the Solidor proposition apart in the fast-moving composite door sector.”