New light duty S2 bar from Prefix

As the sales momentum continues to accelerate for the new S2 glazed roofing system from Prefix, the company has now introduced a new light duty bar, helping to provide a lower cost option for this next generation roof.

The new light duty bar integrates with the existing square aluminium and PVC-U cappings. It is said to be perfectly suited for smaller lean-to, Edwardian and Victorian designs and also incorporates the standard jack rafters. When combined with the low pitch eaves beam from 10 right down to 2.5 degrees, it helps create a cost-effective studio type roof with a modern design approach, yet with high performance and longevity in mind.

The S2 system that’s been designed, engineered and supplied by Sheerline is said to have streamlined the supply chain for Prefix Systems as Sheerline is both the systems company and extruder. This has enabled Prefix to access better leads times, leaner stock control and importantly access to competitive prices.

S2 offers a number of unique design features. It offers a one-piece wall plate that doesn’t require a separate top capping, which is easier to fit and less fiddly than other systems. There is also a lean-to/gable end cloaking trim provided in aluminium rather than PVC for greater structural integrity and to help eliminate any risk of warping.

Chris Baron, director of Prefix Systems, commented: “The new light duty bar for S2 makes the smaller glazed roofs more competitive and all this within a total system design that’s moved on immeasurably from the older systems that are prevalent in the market. With minimal components, yet maximum performance with the proven K2 chassis, it’s a solution that will help re-ignite the market for glazed roofs through better design.

“Sheerline has been a pleasure to work with since the launch of the S2, it’s a real partnership and one where they are keen taking on board feedback and ideas to keep the S2 at the forefront of glazed roof development.”