New IGU handling system

Lisec has introduced a new handling system for IGUs, which consists of a gantry crane facility (UTS-B) and a mobile unit buffer (MEB-B) that improves quality, saves time, resources and money, according to the company.

The automatic gantry crane facility (UTS-B), which is arranged downstream of a Lisec sealing machine, can unstack freshly sealed insulating glass units with fixed or flexible spacer systems. The units are sent out in the direction of the line and rotated from horizontal to upright position before being sorted into the mobile buffer system (MEB-B).

The mobile unit buffer serves for manual or automatic unloading, curing and transporting of insulating glass units.

“Further re-sorting is therefore no longer necessary,” Lisec said.

The production flow is improved by automatic unloading and sorting: the IGU is removed from the suction plate without compressing it; and support fingers located at the bottom and side edges prevent the glass sheets from slipping, which guarantees compliance with quality and tolerances.

“Fixation of glass sheets on the transport rack MEB-B takes place without compression due to individually adjustable spacer brackets,” Lisec said. “This ensures a high-quality standard of insulating glass units – especially with thermoplastic spacers.”

The mobile unit buffer is optimised for truck transports and saves costs. A truck can be loaded with up to 18 filled or 36 empty MEB-Bs.
The individual transport racks can be coded for each customer. The new Lisec ‘Delivery Tracking’ simplifies logistical handling, provides transparency, and saves time in the logistics process.

The entire modular system can be adapted to the customer’s space requirements and is compatible with almost all current Lisec lines.