New French door design

Eurocell has launched a new flush sash French door.

The new door design uses the profile, chamfered glazing rebate and gasket cover trim of Eurocell’s Aspect bifold door system to complement its Logik S Flush windows, without a floating dummy mullion.

Butt hinges are used, rather than exterior flag hinges, which preserves the smooth exterior lines of the frame and sash in keeping with today’s design trends, the company said. There is also the choice of inward or outward opening.

The new door will be available double or triple glazed in seven Aspect foil colours. Anthracite grey through-colour profile will also be offered as standard, which means none of the white PVC core is visible, even along the edges of the door frame.

Eurocell’s door restrictor can be used with the latest French door, and with Aspect bifold access doors. This allows the door to be left open in any position up to 90°, preventing it blowing open or shut.

Fabricators who already make the Aspect profile system will be able to start fabricating right away, the company said, with only a couple of additional items needing to be bought. It can even be used to fabricate single entrance doors.

The Aspect Flush French door is fully compliant with Part Q requirements for security, and it is made of at least 50% post-consumer material.

Ian Kernaghan, Eurocell’s head of product design and development, said: “The new door design meets a need among homeowners for a flatter frames and less of the detailing that comes with more traditional profiles. It can also be installed with two threshold options: our standard frame, or a lower aluminium version for compliance with Part M regulations on building access.”