New flat rooflight

Central ASL has launched its new Flat Rooflight System, designed to meet the needs of the modern building using environmentally friendly materials.

Central ASL director Paul Woods said: “There’s now huge demand for stylish, functional and competitively priced products that can help homeowners improve ventilation and let in more natural light.

“With our new Flat Rooflight System, our customers can tap into that increasingly lucrative market, and appeal to new customers. Stylish and incredibly versatile, they can be tailored to the needs of virtually any project or property, and provide excellent opportunities for upselling, too.”

The rooflight comes in a range of sizes, is quick to assemble onsite, is easily transportable, and is available in three different designs: Fixed, Ventilation, and Egress.

The Fixed design is fully secure and thermally efficient, and is perfect for any home or office, allowing natural light to flow freely throughout the building through the roof.

The Ventilation design opens up to 360mm to enable air to filter into any room, using fully concealed chain drive actuators to create a light and airy living space.

Lastly, the Egress design comes with built-in gas springs and espagnolet locking, designed to open up to a 70º angle, allowing access to the rooftop if required.

In addition, the Flat Rooflight System has been designed to allow glass to be removed in the event of a double glazed unit failure. Using a removable PVC cassette to which the glass is bonded, it’s mechanically fixed to the frame, meaning only the cassette will need replacing in the event of a glass replacement.