New chain drive

Geze has launched a new chain drive.

The Slimchain 230 V is the newest addition to Geze’sSlimchain family of window opening drives that are cost-effective and easy to install.

Its slim and discreet look – just 25mm in height and 44mm depth – means that it can be integrated perfectly into a facade design and installed on a window leaf or frame.

The Slimchain 230 V can be fitted to wooden, plastic or metal windows and is suitable for inward and outward opening, bottom, top and side-hung windows. The Slimchain 230 V can also be used in a building management system with the appropriate connections.

With a holding force of 2000 N, it can open windows with a leaf weight of up to 200kg. The Slimchain 230 V also offers drive stroke with variable adjustment and can be configured in a left/right variant.

Its Geze Smart fix installation system ensures a fast and easy installation with direct 230 V connection via a connection terminal and connector plug.

The Slimchain 230 V is available in anodised aluminium (EV1) or white (RAL 9016).