New brochure

Bowater by Birtley has published its new brochure detailing the new range of doors.

“Now we have a comprehensive range of composite, fire, flood and steel doors in place, we want to show people what we’ve got and why it’s something to get excited about,” Kevin Kiernan of Birtley Group said.

“The best way for us to do this is to show people the product first hand which we’re delighted to be able to do at this year’s bigger and better FIT show at the NEC, but for those that want more detail, sooner rather later, we’re pleased to be able to offer our new brochure.”

Zoe Watson, Birtley Group marketing manager said: “Using an easy to use colour coding system, readers can quickly identify which colours and glazing options are available in each of our wide variety of door styles. Marketing such a wide range of doors, from commodity to high end, in a quickly accessible way is a challenge, but the new brochure does just that. Demonstrating well that we have the range, so our customers have the choice.”

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