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Thermoseal Group has launched a new Georgian bar anchor and a new Thermobar straight connector, both of which promise to increase efficiencies, reduce waste, and improve product quality for IGU manufacturers.

“Our mission is to create energy efficient products in the most energy efficient way possible,” said Thermoseal Group’s sales director, Mark Hickox. “And this extends to supporting our customers as they manufacture their products in the most efficient way possible, which helps reduce overheads and improve their bottom line.”

Thermoseal Group’s new straight connector secures two lengths of Thermobar rigid spacer bar to make one continuous length.

“We deliver Thermobar in 5m lengths to our customers, and where possible we deliver in stillages so we reduce packaging waste,” Mark said. “But no matter how carefully you optimise your unit production, there will always be offcuts that are too short to be useful.

“Thanks to our new straight connectors, which we manufacture in all sizes to fit our range of Thermobar, sealed unit manufacturers can reduce their waste to almost nothing. This is clearly good for the environment, but reduces skip costs, and you are getting more useable product out of each length of Thermobar – putting more money into your pocket.”

Thermoseal Group has also launched a new Georgian bar anchor, which comes in two designs: a stepped version for manual application, and a ridged version for securing frames into flexible spacer systems using auto-applicators.

The new Georgian bar anchor allows Georgian bars to be connected to flexible and rigid warm edge spacer bars without using staples (thus leaving the gas barrier intact), giving a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing finish than alternative methods.

If assembling units manually, the smooth-bottomed anchors allow the Georgian bars to be secured into the unit by trapping a ‘lip’ between the glass and spacer bar. For fully automated flexible spacer bar application, a small ridge secures the clip into a pre-cut groove in the flexible spacer. The lip acts a stop against the frame edge ensuring perfect placement of frames every time.

“Units with Georgian bars slow down automated processes, especially on fully automated flexible lines,” Mark said. “With our new Georgian bar anchors, we can accurately match the presets of the unit line, so there is no need to stop and start.

“That way, not only can we give you a better looking unit, but you can assemble more per hour, reducing your lead times and increasing your profit in the process.”

The straight connectors and Georgian Bar Anchors were designed and manufactured by Thermoseal Group in the UK.

According to Thermoseal they are engineered to meet exacting tolerances so there is no threat to the integrity of the final unit. They are also regularly tested at the component supplier’s onsite laboratory, giving customers complete confidence in their ability to perform for the life of the unit.

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