New aluminium entrance door from Sternfenster

Sternfenster has launched a new aluminium entrance door, which it says will open-up new opportunities for window companies targeting aspirational homeowners.

“Our Signature range of entrance doors brings the desirable aesthetics of high-end aluminium doors down to an affordable price point,” said Sternfenster’s sales director, Nathan Court.

“Plus they don’t warp, twist or bow, which means they are a true fit-and-forget product. This alone puts money in installers’ pockets as they don’t have to return to site to adjust hinges and locks.”

The 60mmm Signature aluminium door achieves a U-value of 1.4W/m2K, making it Part L-compliant for existing homes and new homes, as well as existing and new commercial.

“Our Signature doors come in 11 modern designs and a wide range of colours,” continued Nathan. “These are complemented by an attractive range of handles and hardware, available in a choice of up to five marine-grade finishes. They come with industry-leading locks which make them PAS24 compliant.”

The doors also suite perfectly with Sternfenster’s range of aluminium windows, bi-folding doors and sliding patio doors.

According to Sternfenster, installation ‘is a breeze’, thanks to the three fully adjustable butt-hinges, which can also be colour-matched to the frame or the slab. They can also be opened out, as well as in, which gives homeowners even greater flexibility.

“Doors can often make or break or sale,” Nathan said, “which means it is vital to have access to a wide range of styles and price points. Our new Signature aluminium door offers high-end kerb appeal, with the promise of low maintenance and top-level security.

“Thanks to the Signature aluminium door, we are creating real opportunities for our customers to sell a premium product and a desirable price.”

As with all Sternfenster’s products, customers can order the Signature aluminium door via the EasyAdmin software, which the trade fabricator developed to put more control in their customers’ hands.

EasyAdmin allows businesses to produce professional quotes very quickly for homeowners. It also allows window installation companies to have complete oversight of their profit and loss. This information is updated daily and allows business owners to see the health of their accounts in real time.

“More than 50% of our orders now come to us via EasyAdmin, and we are upgrading the software so that will integrate more closely with our other IT services,” concluded Nathan, “as well as giving them more control over their operations, saving money in the process.”

EasyAdmin works with SF+, which improves communication with customers and gives them greater insight into the fabricator’s manufacturing capacity, and the new virtual showroom, which was completed earlier this year.