Morley launches black Uni-Blinds option

Morley Glass has launched a new black, Venetian option for its Uni-Blinds integral blinds offer, in response to growing demand for the colour in home décor.

Morley Glass MD, Ian Short, said: “Anyone involved in the home improvement market will know that consumer tastes are constantly changing. Innovative brands work hard to ensure they can satisfy a relentless consumer appetite for that next ‘must have’ or different look.”

Ian believes that in recent years the door and window industry has evolved to better meet the demands of consumers from a styling perspective, with a shift away from a fairly limited range of styles for windows and doors to a plethora of choices.

He continued: “When you look at recent industry data, there is no doubt that routine white PVC-U frames continue to dominate sales, but the increased range of frame colours we now have available, along with different frame designs such as flush-fit and the growth in the domestic aluminium market, means the market is much more responsive to changing consumer tastes.

“As an industry, we are in a more positive position than ever given that we have moved from responding to change to actually driving it. Nowhere is this more apparent than with integral blinds, which have gone from being a relatively niche product at the beginning of the century to one that is inspiring consumers with new creative potential for their windows and doors.

“We’ve seen the demand for black frames growing, while the appetite for anthracite grey and agate grey remains strong. All three of these colours are ideal for black Venetian Uni-Blinds as many of our early customers are discovering,” continued Ian.

“But it is not simply a case of applying a new colour to the slats. The black blind units optimise visual appeal because all the components are consistent. The finish of the slats ensures the colour will not fade over time, retaining its bold appearance, with perfectly matched colours for the cords, header and footer rails and sideguides used across the different Uni-Blinds control systems.

“Adding black Uni-Blinds integral blinds to a range which already includes the exclusive anthracite grey, silver, beige, yellow and green means giving homeowners even wider scope to express their personality. We think it will rapidly grow to become one of our top-selling blind colours in the coming years.”