Meeting Nemesis

Kenrick has launched a new bidirectional twin cam espagnolette window locking system that has been designed for aluminium profiles.

Nemesis has been launched to bring a greater variety of locking systems to fabricators operating within the increasingly popular domestic aluminium market.

Steve Williams, sales director at Kenrick, said: “Aluminium is a rapidly growing sector of our industry and the Council for Aluminium Building (CAB) recently reported that the number of installers offering aluminium has risen by more than 40% in the last five years.

The industry has been excited by the huge potential out there but frustrated with the lack of choice in hardware.

“Well, not anymore. Nemesis has widened the choice of locking solutions beyond what’s currently available and now allows fabricators to choose the most suitable multi-point locking system to suit their needs.

“Nemesis has been designed to offer rapid installation for the fabricator, while providing ultimate security for the homeowner, and the feedback we’ve received from our customers has been fantastic.”

Nemesis has been developed to suit aluminium profiles that come with or without a Euro groove. A reliable multi-point locking system that benefits from a robust offset handed die-cast gearbox and bi-directional twin cam locking, it delivers security features while being simple to install in all major aluminium profiles.

Nemesis incorporates stainless steel faceplate drive bars and mushroom cams to enhance its appearance and longevity. The mushroom cams are available in 5mm and 7mm heights and are adjustable to +/-1mm.