The measure of glass detectors

CRL has a comprehensive range of glass detectors, meters and measurers, which it said makes installing and replacing glass panels a straightforward task for any budget.

The range features tools to take care of every aspect of glass recognition and fitting, all of which are designed to be easy and safe to use as they do not require the removal of the window frame.

The range includes various glass detectors, most of which are small enough to fit in a shirt or trouser pocket, including a Dual Purpose Detector (CD3), which switches between direct contact and non-contact modes to identify low-e presence and a Window Energy Profiler (WP4500) that simultaneously displays the percentage of allowable UV transmission, visible light, infrared light transmission, and solar heat gain.

For a multi-purpose tool that can identify many types of glass, the CRL Glass Thickness Laser (MG1500MM) calculates thicknesses of insulating glass as well as laminated, bullet-resistant, and single lite frost glass.

The ultimate CRL glass detector is the Glas-Chek Elite (GC3200) that features a graphical display showing the full profile of a window including low-e coating or the inner-layer of laminated glass.