Maximum transparency

CRL’s Office Partition System offers a creative solution for modern interior designs.

The standard dry-glazed system provides maximum transparency and an elegant appearance, and the profiles can be fixed to ceilings, floors, walls and door frames for a complete look.

Open-plan office environments have a number of benefits, in practical terms creating the sense of light and space and also in relation to employee wellbeing and overall productivity, the company said. However, it is often necessary to partition off areas, to zone large areas, and to control acoustic levels. Glass is the ideal material for this, retaining all the advantages of an open-plan environment and helping the space to flow visually.

With the aesthetic appeal of all-glass architecture, the feeling of openness created by large glazed walls and the need for more light that gives the impression of a larger space, office wall partition systems have become more and more popular. The challenge is on architects to choose hardware that is minimal and sleek in design so as not to spoil the effect and for installers to be able to fit such systems while minimising mess and downtime.

CRL’s Office Partition System makes installation simple and reduces labour time, the company said. For example, the height of hinged doors can easily be adjusted, and the doors can be installed in mounted ceiling profiles in wall-to-glass or glass-to-glass applications. Even floor-to-ceiling doors can be mounted, if desired. CRL offers a choice of high-quality door hinges, latches and handle-sets to complete the installation.

As it is dry-glazed, the CRL Office Partition System doesn’t require the use of a silicone sealant. Instead, CRL offers glass-clear and durable joints made of polycarbonate. The joints clip on the glass and are suitable for various connection types such as 180°, 135°, 90° abutment joints, T-connections and corner joints. The practical, invisible joints for Office Partition Systems emphasise the impression of maximum transparency in interior design.