Making the most of rural views

CRL discusses the opportunities made available by more people moving to the country.

With the country staying at home because of the pandemic, attention is being focused on renovation projects. Small garden improvements jobs and bigger tasks such as adding a balustrade or a balcony are particularly popular changes, with homeowners keen to make the most of their outside spaces in a variety of ways.

With this move comes another escalating trend, this time concerning glass balconies and balustrades. Used to enhance the aesthetics of buildings as new homeowners take possession and to make the most of those seaside and country views, glass is the material of choice it would seem.

After all, glass enhances and protects the period detail so often seen on rural properties, while affording uninterrupted views of rolling countryside and coast. And all while allowing ample natural light to flood the interior which can be particularly advantageous when the property is compact rather than an urban sprawl.

Luckily for installers and homeowners, fitting these adaptations to existing buildings needn’t be too problematic, regardless of the location and even when working at height.

One such solution is a Juliette balcony. This option has a modern, minimal appearance that enhances any style of property meaning that the character of the property can be retained without upsetting the neighbours.

The result is a modern design and sleek, clean lines, creating the desired visual effect without being a headache to install. Before going down this route for your clients though, check that the system is made from weather-resilient material: 316 grade stainless steel is recommended. It should also be suitable for a range of glass widths for ease of fitting and check that it passes muster for safety too.

Installing glass balconies and balustrades without a handrail for a minimal and high-end finish is now more straightforward than ever. Look for systems that are fully adjustable even on uneven surfaces. A balustrade solution with a quick and easy adjustable method to align glass panels without a handrail is a sensible option, while one made from a material such as extruded aluminium will be lightweight and strong.

For larger projects, a dry-glazed railing system is often favoured for frameless glass balustrades. Choose one that can be entirely installed from the safe side of the balustrade. This is particularly useful on retrofit projects and when a broken or scratched glass panel needs to be replaced.

As with Juliette balconies, the finished effect of this type of system is elegant and minimalist. Such solutions offer migrating homeowners a cost-effective way of tapping into what is a growing trend for glass balustrades and balconies.