Machine investment

UK Doors Online recently invested in a FOM Industrie Adir C CNC machining centre from Haffner Murat.

The new machine was installed at UK Doors Online’s manufacturing centre in Ravensthorpe, Wakefield, in February, and the company has reported a return on investment from day one.

Andrew Glover, managing director at UK Doors Online, said: “We operate a streamlined factory to ensure we deliver the highest quality of product for our customers with a fast and efficient turnaround. Our previous manufacturing processes were taking between 10 and 15 minutes per aluminium bifold door and this is something we needed to improve.

“By using the new Adir C CNC machine we have reduced our bifold production time to just 6.5 minutes per door.

“Programming of our aluminium bifold doors was completed very quickly. The machine uses touch screen control and all operations are controlled automatically using FOMCAM software which is very straightforward to use. We are now in the process of programming additional aluminium products into the machine too.”

The machine arrived within a few weeks of the initial order and the company was in full aluminium bifold production within 48 hours of setup.

Features of the Adir C CNC machining centre include CNC-controlled axis linear guides for precision machining, and four pneumatic vices with dual working pressure to ensure quick and accurate profile clamping.

There is an option of a five or six position tool holder for manual or automatic change operation, and pneumatic rotation of the work table achieves angles of 0°, 90° and 180°.

It is fully guarded and has a pneumatically controlled front guard for ease of loading the material.

Matt Thomas, Haffner Murat’s area sales manager, said: “Following our initial consultation with UK Doors Online, we recommended the Adir C Machining centre. As Andrew is finding the machine speeds up production and is extremely user-friendly.”