Low cost, high yield machinery

Promac Group is highlighting three low cost, high yield machinery platforms, which it says have the potential to transform fabrication businesses.

Starting from £40K, to just a little over £70K, each offers manufacturers extra capacity to manufacture new products or increase volume and efficiency, while lowering overheads, Promac said.

“There’s a perception out there that you need to be spending hundreds of thousands of pounds to move your business forward, when in reality there are machines out there which are far more affordable and which can deliver real changes,” Lee Marriott, of Promac Group, said.

“Aluminium is forecast to see substantial growth, while PVCU ‘timber-type’ joints are defining a new generation of windows. You need to be able to access the opportunities that that growth creates and can do for what are really very low costs.”  

Promac offers two low-cost platforms for PVCU timber-effect welds: Timberweld exploits four and two-head welding technology developed by Urban, to simultaneously deliver a twin-sided 90° butt weld; and new platform from ProfteQ, part of the FOM-GS Group, delivers the same aesthetic but with the flexibility to deliver a 90° weld externally or internally – or a standard 45° joint.

It also uses a flexible milling module with the capacity to switch between profiles without changing tooling, and twin or quad welding options.

Priced at under £70K, the FOM Adir C is the third platform identified by Promac. A high precision 3+1 axis CNC, it introduces production efficiencies in PVCU manufacture but also supports affordable entry to aluminium manufacture.

It features a pneumatic three axes worktable with -90°, 0° and +90° positioning; four pneumatic vices with manual positioning and double pressure, with safety valves and manually adjustable profile reference stops on the right and the left of the worktable, plus perimetric guard and front receding guard.

“These are all low cost high impact machinery platforms,” Lee said. “There’s also a lot of finance out there, with high levels of competition pushing three-year true cost lending deals to as little as 4% interest or five years at 5%. The capital investment allowance also means that purchases of up to £200,000 are tax deductible.”  

Offering buy-back deals on new machinery, Promac Group can also offer manufacturers access to reconditioned and overhauled machinery.

“We can replace a single machine in a line or combine new platforms with used machinery in hybrid deals, significantly cutting the cost of investment,” Lee said.

“For us it’s not necessarily about the big-ticket items or even new machinery sales. It’s much more about long-term partnership and the right solution.”