It’s all in the weld

Vuelta by Visage, the new flush sash window from Shepley, gives the appearance of a traditional timber joint on the outside, while promising the strength you’d expect from a PVCU weld.

Tony Ball, Shepley sales director, said: “We didn’t want to take a backwards step with designing a flush sash window, so we looked for a new way of welding rather than a mechanical joint to create a timber look frame without compromising on strength and performance.

“To achieve this, we needed a completely new welding process as there was nothing on the market that was up to the job. Luckily, our long-term tooling partner Jade Engineering was already working on its MechWeld joint solution which we invested in and worked with Jade on, to perfect this new welding system.”

MechWeld combines four milling machines – two for sashes and two for frame joints – and a two-headed welder.

“It’s not just on the outside, the welded joint is equally impressive on the inside face as it’s almost seamless,” Tony said. “The MechWeld system means we can offer Shepley customers the best flush sash window with the consistent high quality and dependable service they need to sell it with confidence.”

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