Investment in future-proof machinery

Quickslide has added two Urban corner cleaning machines and two quad welders to its Brighouse factory following an investment of £350,000 in infrastructure.

The spend is part of a £2 million investment plan spanning 12 months, which centres around increasing capacity and improving quality and efficiency. Quickslide has grown over the last decade and is now manufacturing close to 1,000 windows a week.

Quickslide’s managing director Ben Weber said: “Urban machines are known for their machining quality and excellent precision and will increase throughput at key points of our fabrication process. The robust quad welders ensure reliability and repeatability while the corner cleaning machines allow efficient processing and cleaning of window profile after the welding cycle.

“We have installed the Schirmer ‘Rolls Royce’ of cutting centres and machinery – this is certainly something that we needed to make the appropriate level of investment in.

“We have already made huge strides in system and product innovation and this latest step is all about future-proofing the business for the next five to 10 years.”

Chairman Adrian Barraclough said: “Quickslide is constantly looking at ways to remain at the forefront when it comes to technology and the advancements in product variety and quality it offers. By ensuring that we continue with regular investments in high quality, modern machinery means that our customers will always be able to expect the finest quality products, for the right price, delivered within a sensible timeframe.

“Our investment reinforces our belief that British manufacturing is some of the best in the world. We’re as proud of that as we are of our award-winning products.”

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