Investment boost

TuffX has taken its investment over the £500,000 mark this year with a new £250,000 Bottero cutting line that promises to boost the company’s cutting output by over a third.

The multi-functional Modulinea cutting line – the third cutting line installed at the TuffX factory – can load, cut, grind, mark and break out glass sheets from 1.5m2 square up to 6.1m x 3.3m and up to 25mm thick. It also features an automatic label function.

TuffX’s managing director Graham Price said: “Our strength is not only in our unique offering of toughened, heat soaked, laminated and other specialist glasses – in sizes that few can match – but also in our turnaround times and customer support.

“As well as a 35% increase in our overall cutting capacity, the addition of this line will give us additional flexibility to build on all of those qualities as well as satisfying our growing customer base.”

The Bottero Modulinea 363EVO-J makes use of ‘open cut’ technology: it has a tilting table for handling flat glass sheets, a highly automated air cushioned shape cutting table, a six-station double-sided loader, as well as other advanced features.

The investment follows a £300,000+ investment in three new machines: a Bovone ELB 12 HD straight line edging machine; a Delta Radius corner grinding machine; and a Schiatti drilling machine.