Insulating and elegant

Multitech G, the latest rigid spacer profile engineered by the Glass Alliance labs, is made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer enhanced with a metal-free transparent multi-layer barrier.

Developed by Alu Pro and Rolltech, and marketed around the world through the Glass Alliance Network, Multitech G claims to have the best linear thermal transmittance performance.

The distinctive transparency of the multi-layer barrier, which makes it possible to maintain the original colour of the spacer profile on all sides, lends Multitech G an aesthetic edge and makes it ideal for any architectural design calling for insulating glass units with two or more cavities, the company said.

Multitech G comes in all the most widely-used thicknesses (from 8mm to 24 mm) and in several colours: black (RAL 9004), light grey (RAL 7035), titanium grey (RAL 9023) and white (RAL 9016).