Installation videos

Apeer has produced a video that shows the process of removing an old residential door and fitting a new one.

The production is aimed at managing the expectations of homeowners who may be deciding upon a replacement residential door, or having chosen one, to ensure they understand the installation process.

“Homeowners invariably research everything when making a capital purchase for their homes but seldom will they understand just what the installation process for residential doors involves,” Asa McGillian, managing director of Apeer, said. “Often they underestimate just how involved the process is and the potential for disruption, and few appreciate what a skilful operation it is.

“Having seen the skill involved we believe that homeowners will also enjoy a greater sense of value for money and security when they realise the level of skill employed in the process.”

The video has been produced as a full-length version at three minutes, 15 seconds, for viewing on YouTube, with shorter edits produced for sharing on the company’s extensive Facebook and other social media channels. Installers will be expected to encourage homeowners to watch the video as part of the sales process or in preparation of an installation.