Innovation trail

The Pigs Pavilion at the Build Show will be home to the i-SOL8, a new thermally efficient bracket for curtain walling from Blue Sky Concept Design.

Peter Braybrook, managing director, said: “It’s an innovative bracket design for curtain walling. It allows solar shading or signage to be fitted to both new and existing curtain wall envelopes with the highest thermal efficiency possible.”

i-SOL8has a minimal effect to the thermal performance of the curtain wall. The design also allows retro fit without removal of the glazing.

“The show organisers were quick to add i-SOL8 to the innovation trail, which promotes new and exciting products within construction,” Peter said.

Sarah Ball, organiser of the networking events Pigs and director of Balls2 Marketing, said: “When we first discussed the concept of the Pigs Pavilion, we were keen to feature a range of products and services to show the diversity in the glazing industry. We are especially pleased that i-SOL8 puts the Pigs Pavilion on the UK Construction Week Innovation Trail.”