Independent testing

Reading-based high-rise residential balcony and balustrading specialist Sapphire recently put the Bohle Emergency Repair Film through its paces in independent testing.

Working with major house builders and developers nationwide, the company supplies its Glide-On Cassette balcony system, which are manufactured offsite.

One of the advantage is that it can be manufactured and then brought to site, minimising risk of damage during the wider construction process. They are, however, installed on active construction sites and are still contactable, either by the end user or other trades and damage caused by impact can and does occur.

Replacing glass 300ft in the air clearly presents challenges and safety risks. Identifying a product that allows users to isolate any risk and to protect the integrity of the glass, is a major benefit. The film can protect the glass, the site, other trades or the end-user, while replacements are arranged.

Sapphire has recently completed independent tests to assess the performance of Bohle Emergency Repair Film.

Using 10+10 laminated glass with PVB interlayer, the Sapphire R&D team conducted two strength tests. The first of these was conducted with Bohle Emergency Repair Film applied to undamaged glass, the second with a shattered top side.

Each piece was installed in a test rig, a vacuum pad was attached, and against increasing loads and recorded times. This revealed no displacement of either the suction cup or the emergency film.

The test involved the use of a 50kg rated vacuum pad.

The first test, with the glass intact, involved a load of 87kg of pressure applied to the vacuum pad and held for six minutes. The load remained constant for the test period.

The top layer of glass was then shattered but was held together by the laminate layer on one side and the Bohle Emergency Repair Film on the other. A load of 98kg was applied to the vacuum pad and held consistently for the test period of two minutes with no loss of holding force.

Sapphire’s concluded that Bohle Emergency Repair Film delivered a very high level of performance against some substantial loads. Also, that the instant and very high-strength adhesion could be of real value to anyone who is handling or transporting broken glass.

It also provides a safe and good temporary repair at far lower cost than other systems, while application is also comparatively straight forward.