Hybrid sliding system

Technal has launched Tigal, a hybrid sliding aluminium system that combines the advantages of a sliding door with the high performance of a window, and is especially suitable for tall buildings.

Designed to provide quiet, comfortable surroundings for occupiers while performing well in challenging high-rise conditions, Tigal delivers a balanced aesthetic that won’t detract from the overall design intent of the building, the company said.

This hybrid system combines multi-point locking around the perimeter and its patented central sealing system guarantees exceptional water-tightness performance, which is up to four times better than a traditional sliding door.

The action of turning the door handle releases pressure from the perimeter gaskets integrated around the door opening, and when closing the mechanism compresses the door against the gaskets. This seals it tightly to provide E1200 water-tightness and up to Class 5 wind resistance of 3000 Pa.

Delivering sound proofing up to 45dB, ideal for an urban environment, the system also offers high thermal performance with U-values up to 0.85W/m2K (Ug: 0.5 W/m2K).

Particularly suited where doors are installed at height and exposed to potential high pressures, Technal has designed an inward pull-slide opening mechanism.

Unlike a conventional sliding door, the door pulls 6mm internally and will sit in either a parallel secure fixed position or slide open, quietly and smoothly along its track. In the micro ventilation position this creates a hidden ventilation gap to all four sides allowing a gentle, well-dispersed airflow internally.

Tigal features a recessed threshold and disabled access threshold of 15mm high, purposefully designed for ease of use.

Seventy percent of the materials and components of Tigal are recyclable and durable. The extrusion of its aluminium profiles can be produced with Hydro Circal 75R recycled low carbon aluminium, which reportedly has one of the smallest CO2 footprints worldwide: 2.3kg of CO2 per kilo of aluminium.

Floor-to-ceiling glazing is possible up to a height of 2.7m and width of 4m using one sliding and one fixed leaf, with each pane capable of weighing up to 300kg and carrying a glazing thickness of up to 52mm.