Hitting the mark with UK installers

By Gary Dean, managing director of OnLevel UK.

OnLevel has been busy developing products with added value; the latest products growing in popularity are the Empire State and Smooth AR post railing systems.

The Empire State Post System is a completely pre-assembled post system for all-glass balustrade systems. It features the Kronos Glass Clamp, which is quick and easy to fit, and reduces installation time.

All posts are prepared for a speedy installation; the threads for fixing the clamps are pre- drilled for straightforward fitting. Furthermore, OnLevel offer the ‘extended version’ option with the adjustable Kronos clamps also pre-assembled to save time.

You can expect to save up to 40 minutes of installation time when compared to all other standard products. The system has a 2mm material thickness to ensure a reliable, long-lasting railing framework. The Empire State Post System is available in 42.4 mm diameter, with the further option of a stainless steel V4A finish for a modern, safe, aesthetically pleasing installation.

Made in Germany from one piece of high-performance stainless steel Kronos fits all post connections, flat, 42mm and 48mm posts from 8mm to 12.76mm glass with no fiddly pieces to buy separately (or lose).

Just one clamp is required for all applications. Covers protect the whole surface and ensure a sleek smooth professional look from both sides of the clamp.

The Kronos glass clamp is also available in a range of finishes, is cost-effective due to its efficient design, and reduces installation time, as no rubber gaskets are needed and no tricky assembly required to adjust the clamp to fit.

The Kronos Glass Clamp was launched in Germany and France, winning the prestigious Gold Award for innovation at the Batimat exhibition in Paris. It is already turning heads and has been a huge success so far in mainland Europe, so naturally we’re pleased to hear the positive feedback from the UK market.

The Smooth AR from OnLevel is a new glass railing system designed to be fully modular; designers and installers can create simple, aesthetically pleasing glass railing installations with ease, and that won’t cost the earth.

The pre-assembled aluminium posts have a satin anodised finish, and are available in square and round profiles ready to install.