High performance conservatory roof glass

Saint-Gobain Building Glass has introduced Azura+, setting new benchmarks for the lowest g-value in the SGG Bioclean low maintenance self-cleaning range in the process.

More than a year’s development has gone into incorporating the best solar performing low maintenance self-cleaning coating onto the popular Sapphire Blue tinted substrate, offering an 83% heat reflection and 0.17 g-value, placing the product at the top of Saint-Gobain’s roof glass range.  

“The result is a glass that will keep indoors cooler on warm summer days but give the same heat retention in colder weather due to its 1.0 U-value,” said Jenni Bailey, market manager for Saint-Gobain’s Conservatory Range.

“Temperature control within conservatories is a major issue for end-users who quite rightly want to use them all year round. The addition of Azura+ will have a major impact on the overall comfort of a conservatory, allowing end-users to utilise their new space whatever the season.”

The high performance solar control coating of Azura+ is also complimented by SGG Bioclean, a low-maintenance self-cleaning function that uses both rain and natural light from the sun to efficiently combat dirt and grime.

Saint-Gobain’s roof glass range already includes the bronze tinted Solara and the blue tinted Azura, both with Bioclean coating and – to streamline the range ahead of the launch of Azura+ – the company’s green tinted Aqua and virtually neutral Natura roof glass products have been rebranded to Aqua+ and Natura+ to reflect their parallel use of the solar control coating.

The launch of SGG Bioclean Azura+ is backed by technical support, especially for processors who have not yet trialled it, and marketing support in the form of refreshed glass sample kits and brochures.

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