On a high with cloud service

Solidor has launched Cloud 2.0, which offers its trade partners an ‘enhanced online experience’, to include live pricing, an online payment function for pro-forma customers, and an order tracking facility.

Taking on board typical customer experiences from the consumer sector, the new Solidor Cloud 2.0 offers live costing, along with sales pricing and specification at the point of sale. Quotations can then be sent instantly to consumers, so that the process from enquiry to quotation becomes a more streamlined process, the company said in a statement.

Solidor Cloud 2.0 is an online portal for all customer activity and the recent addition of order tracking helps installers looking to schedule the fitting of their composite doors, with information readily available; ‘order received’, ‘in manufacture’, ‘quality control’, and ‘despatched’ are the four different stages that are highlighted on the online portal with each order.

There are further developments planned for Solidor Cloud 2.0 as part of the company’s Network Development Programme, which will be implemented later in the year.

Gareth Busson, head of sales and marketing at Solidor Group, said: “Our new cloud functionality offers far more than just online ordering, as we’re building this into a complete information hub for customers, so they can manage all information relating to their account, orders and queries 24/7 and on any device.”