Heritage on corse

The Corse Lawn finish is being more widely adopted by The Residence Collection.

Corse Lawn is available for R9 with a grained white internal finish, which is also carried through with a foiled rebate, while R7 is presented with a Chalk White internal finish and through the rebate.

Corse Lawn was inspired by a Gloucestershire village of the same name and, with undertones of green, brown and grey, it offers true, classic heritage appeal, the company said.

The colours and finishes of R9 have all been assessed so that they fully reflect heritage and 19th century appeal, while R7 as its younger sibling is a boutique window for the middle market. Not only have the dimensions of each of these windows been carefully designed, but colour, hardware and the use of dedicated ancillaries make each a standout choice, the company said.

Sarah Hitchings, sales and marketing director of The Residence Collection, said: “Even the large retail companies such as John Lewis are now offering other boutique brands such as Swoon for furniture and Tom Dixon for lighting. The fact is that consumers want standout products that have an element of exclusivity about them, and when it comes to replacement windows, The Residence Collection fully satisfies this desire and, importantly, also allows installers to stand out from the masses.”


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