Heritage flush casement launched

CentralRPL has added the Optima Heritage Flush Casement to its product portfolio.

Available on standard turnaround of five days, the Heritage Flush Casement is an alternative to traditional timber windows.

“When looking to renovate a more traditional property, it’s not easy to find a PVCU product that truly mimics the appearance of traditional wooden sash windows, and often means our installer customers will steer away from these types of projects,” Martyn Elwell, CentralRPL’s sales director, said.

“The Heritage Flush Casement is set to change that. By studying the appearance of a traditional window frame and its proportions and sightlines, Optima has designed the system to replicate them perfectly. We offer the Heritage Flush Casement with standard welded corners, with seamless, almost invisible, welds, and also a fully mechanical version that provides the clean, modern look you get from engineered timber. We also offer triple seals for enhanced efficiency.”

Martyn also said the market for the Heritage Flush Casement extends beyond the heritage market.

“In modern buildings, the system takes on a very contemporary edge, especially when coloured in grey and furnished with modern hardware,” he said. “In fact, the window looks great in any property from a modern town house to a traditional cottage. Adding to this, the Central Inspired colour range, which offers the option of pretty much any colour the customer requires, on a short lead time complements the Heritage Sash perfectly and gives our customers the competitive edge to win even more projects, on even more property styles.”

Martyn said the window was one of the main drivers for making a full system move to Optima last year, but the company wanted to get the basics right before adding the more sophisticated products into the manufacturing mix.

“Service is everything to CentralRPL and there was no way we could jeopardise this by jumping in head first manufacturing the entire suite of products,” he said. “We are delighted that we are now ready to deliver this much anticipated product as part of our standard window range. Everything we do at CentralRPL is focused on becoming a true one-stop-shop for our installer customers and the Heritage Flush Casement takes us another step closer to achieving this.”