Helping to get more

Linn Tech Scotland has transformed the way it uses its LogiKal aluminium processing software, it said, as a result of two days of specialist training and consultancy from BM Aluminium.

Linn Tech, a long-established Seniors Architectural fabricator, had been using LogiKal since 2010 and felt that it was time to review the software and see whether it could be doing more with it.

Dan Hodges, the CNC implementation manager at BM Aluminium, visited the company near Edinburgh initially to review how it was using LogiKal for costing and estimating major commercial projects across Scotland in Seniors and several other aluminium systems.

While Linn Tech was already getting the basics spot on, Dan was able to demonstrate lots of new upgrades and clever shortcuts which meant that it could speed up the estimating tasks and get the software to do much more of the work.

His input proved so valuable that Linn Tech asked him back again within a month to carry out a similar review of how it was using LogiKal for fabrication and CNC machine links.

Here, Dan was able to set up LogiKal to take out a whole series of tasks that were being carried out manually or on paper, such as trickle vent machining and third party hardware articles and prep details, providing Linn Tech with a more automated and streamlined fabrication set up.

“After just two days, Linn Tech was left with a much more comprehensive and well-rounded LogiKal installation and configuration,” Dan said. “What they have now is perfectly suited to how the business works in 2018, rather than what they had previously, which was suited to how it worked in 2010.”

Dean Hodges, BM Aluminium’s managing director, said: “I would challenge almost any one of our long term customers to show us that they are still using the software to its full potential. LogiKal has advanced so much in recent years that most fabricators are simply too busy to review every change and upgrade and implement them fully.

“Understandably, they get used to using the software in one particular way and miss out on potential efficiencies and innovations even though we send out regular notifications. What we’ve shown at Linn Tech and at several other businesses recently though is that, by asking us in to review the software, customers can transform their set up in LogiKal and get an almost immediate payback on that investment.”