Hardware upgrade

Consort has just announced that all its residential doors will be supplied with Trojan’s stainless steel door hardware.

Jeff Dunn, head of sales and marketing at Consort, said: “Our industry has experienced a noticeable increase in the volume of door hardware that is pitting and corroding. This can cause much irritation to the homeowner resulting in a remedial visit for the installer. Stainless steel hardware is not affected in this way, which is why Consort will be using Trojan’s stainless steel door hardware on all residential doors from 6th March 2017.”

Consort’s decision to switch to stainless steel across all residential door ranges follows on from the decision to move to stainless steel hardware on its Magnum composite doors, which the company did in July 2015.

“The decision to move to Trojan’s  TS007-compliant 2-Star high security stainless steel hardware on our Magnum composite doors was well received by our customers and drastically reduced remedial visits,” Jeff said.

“Having this evidence made the decision to introduce stainless steel across all door ranges a simple one. Although stainless steel is more expensive than standard hardware Consort believes that the long-term benefits negate the extra cost to the fabricator.”