Hardware service for joiners

A family joinery company has explained how a hardware service has helped the business to grow.
Phil Inwood, director at Conifer Joinery has been working in the woodworking industry from the age of 16, making sash windows, doors, and conservatories, among other items.
In the last two years Phil and his wife have gradually taken over ownership of Conifer Joinery, based in Kidlington, Oxfordshire, and have increased the turnover by around 10% each year in the last two years while expanding the workforce.
Conifer Joinery use a 1Stop service from Quest Hardware, which involves a lockable cupboard that stores a range of woodworking consumables and door hardware that Conifer Joinery has on hand.
“The quality of our joinery means that we receive all our work through word of mouth and trade contacts alone,” Phil said. “Our workload demands vary so having a 1Stop cupboard with supplies on hand when we need them helps us manage our consumable and ironmongery needs in a way that means we can complete work promptly and grow our business.”
The consumables and hardware are not invoiced until a stock take is completed by Quest Hardware and the items have been used.
“For power tools and more irregular items I call the Quest Hardware customer support team or our local rep,” Phil said.