Hardware partnership

The new doors range from Bowater by Birtley benefits from a decade of collaboration between the company and SFS intec.
More than ten years ago, Bowater Doors, which is now part of the Birtley Group, was producing over-rebated doors and wanted to extend its range to include composite flush doors.
At that time, SFS intec was supplying them with the Dynamic 2D hinge for heavy over-rebated doors, which could be manufactured in a range of colours to match other hardware. SFS intec was then asked to develop and produce a new hinge for Bowater’s expanding door range.
Nigel Wood, business development manager for hinges at SFS intec, said: “As a manufacturer of high-performance hinges, we were delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Bowater to develop a new hinge back in 2006. We worked closely with Bowater’s technical manager at the time, which included making several prototypes to test at their testing facilities, enabling us to run several tests to check hinge performance and ease of installation.
“This testing revealed that offsetting the screws, rather than aligning them, increased the stability and durability of the hinge significantly. Despite it being a development project that wasn’t without its challenges, it took just a matter of a few weeks to test our prototypes and then finalise designs to start manufacturing the Dynamic 2DF as the perfect solution for Bowater’s composite flush door range.”