Hardware partner

Maco UK has partnered with Liniar to help design the locking hardware for its new EnergyPlus90 window system, which was unveiled at this year’s FIT Show.

The UK government has made house building a priority, leading to an increase in the amount of new homes being constructed near busy roads and railway lines due to the availability of suitable land, Maco said. This means that architects are tagging acoustic criteria in addition to thermal and security specification.

Liniar’s EnergyPlus90 has the look and feel of a 70mm system, but it has been designed for larger, heavyweight triple glazed windows and sets new levels for the size and weight of outward opening PVCU casement windows; the window is supported by heavy duty hinges and Maco’s input means that it still uses a conventional locking system.

The window not only meets Passivhaus standards but also enables it to fully comply with all industry requirements.

EnergyPlus90 is fully approved to BS6375 Pt 1-3 and PAS24:2016 for security, ensuring that air, water and security performance is guaranteed. This means EnergyPlus90 windows have achieved Secured by Design accreditation and are fully compliant with Part Q of the building regulations.

Further benefits include superb acoustic levels to combat noise pollution – as high as 42 decibels.

Maco UK’s Craig Bryant, who worked alongside Liniar, said: “We worked with the HL Plastics team from the very beginning of the project to ensure that they were able to use a hardware solution that gave the required performance, regardless of the size and weight of the window.

“Maco has also been able to support the project with pre-testing at our Sittingbourne test centre, further ensuring that when EnergyPlus90 went for certification it passed without any complications.”