Hands-free conversion

A new device designed and manufactured by FSB allows doors with standard pull handles to be converted for hands-free operation, and help in the battle to reduce Covid-19 transmission.

The FSB forearm shield for door pulls is fitted quickly to existing standard push/pull handles with four stainless-steel screws and threaded metal bushes. This enables external doors to be opened and closed again with the user’s forearm, thus avoiding hands coming into direct contact with the door handle surface. It is made of glass-fibre-reinforced polyamide, which is notable for being rugged while easy to clean and disinfect.

Available to buy direct from FSB, the forearm shield is particularly suited to areas that are subject to high levels of footfall; in healthcare establishments, offices, professional premises or public buildings. Here, any object that users come into contact with regularly is particularly likely to be contaminated and thus act as a host for the transmission of viruses, bacteria and multi-resistant germs.

Nazia Uddin, architectural consultant at FSB, said: “Our new forearm shield is a practical solution for building owners and managers, which is designed for easy retrofitting to existing handles; a simple but effective addition to assist in the fight to minimise the transmission of Covid-19 on shared surfaces.

“As with all FSB products, the forearm shield is made in Germany to the highest quality standards and demonstrates our ability to respond to customer requests for the option of no-hands operation, without the need to replace existing fittings.”

The FSB forearm shield for door pulls is suitable for use with all standard tubular push/pull handles 19mm-35 mm in diameter and it can be fitted to handles of angular and oval cross-section. It is securely fastened using four stainless-steel screws, with variable fixing options for vertical/horizontal, top-to-bottom, right-to-left, at any angle.