Fundamental to business success

Tri-tec Windows in Chelmsford recently bought an SMR-5 five-head welding machine from Haffner, which is already making a big difference, the company has reported.

Fletcher Hodgins, managing director at Tri-Tec, said: “We invested in the SMR-5 to give us additional capacity and improved quality. Our machine operator is amazed with the speed and quality of the welds the machine delivers compared to a standard welding machine. It’s more than living up to expectations.”

Tri-tec has bought other machines from Haffner: a TT405 double mitre saw; KB515 single-head welding machine; FT386 drain slot router; and a reconditioned four-head welder at the end of 2019.

Fletcher said: “We were impressed with the speed and quality of the machinery we bought in 2019, in particular the TT405 double mitre saw. Our experience of working with Haffner and its regional sales manager Bryan Dando back then, combined with the results we’ve achieved with the machinery, meant we were happy to come back to Haffner to support us with our latest investment.”

Fletcher said that automated machinery supports his business by reducing the risk of human error and enhancing overall product quality which is fundamental to his business success.

Dave Thomas, managing director at Haffner, said: “We continue to market the speed, efficiency and accuracy of our SMR-5 welder, but the best endorsement of its credentials is always from the operators and we are delighted they concur with our claims.”