Framed in style

Available in a matte black finish, the CRL Brooklyn frame system brings style and elegance to sliding glass door partitioning for domestic and commercial use, the company has announced.

In the domestic setting, CRL Brooklyn taps into the move towards open-plan living, acting as a practical partition between kitchen and living areas, for example, while ensuring that natural light can flow throughout.

In commercial situations, the sliding door system is ideal for use in any environment where partitioning is required, from restaurants to offices, providing an effective, simple-to-install and easy-to-use solution in locations where maintaining a sense of space is crucial, the company said.

The minimalist style of the matte black door frame was developed within classic lines to complement a wide range of interior styles. CRL Brooklyn has many practical qualities, not least ease of installation. The system is suitable for dropped ceiling and fixed ceiling applications and allows for a vertical adjustment of +/-3mm. It also gives the option to install bi-parting doors with the use of an extra set of clamps.

Tested to 100,000 cycles, CRL Brooklyn has an enhanced double soft-close system.