Fixed cost social media for installers

The Balls2 Marketing team got very social at FIT Show with new fixed price social media for installers from under £25 a week.

“We know that many installers struggle to find the time to post,” Sarah Ball, client strategy director at Balls2 Marketing, said. “Our fixed price Installer Active package offers them regular posts. This works either as a standalone package or installers can add posts themselves when they have time.

“Because we specialise in the window industry we know what works, and we have an enviable track record in making social media a success for installation companies. What we needed was to make it affordable. That’s why we’ve invested in a creating the system to reduce costs. We post completely unique content for installers to get more phone calls and more traffic to their websites.

“It’s a very exciting time for installers to get involved in social media. Especially as three out of four potential customers are on Facebook already, which is the fastest growing platform for marketing home improvements.”

Until the end of July, installers can take advantage of the FIT Show special offer for free set up worth £99 from Balls2 Marketing.