First bite of the apple

Mighton Products has developed and launched a new smart lock with Apple HomeKit technology at its heart, a world first for multipoint door locks, the company said.

Mighton unveiled Avia at the giant Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which took place in Las Vegas early in January. With more than 182,000 visitors, CES is the world’s leading showcase for the latest in electronics and Avia attracted attention from media and visitors keen to see any new device launched under the Apple HomeKit banner, including TV coverage and features on dozens of online tech reviews.

The firm also took part in an Apple product launch event in New York in December.

The multipoint locks are secured by raising the handle and unlocked using the dedicated Avia app installed on an Apple iPhone or iPad, by using a highly secure key fob from a range of up to 30m, or via an electronic keypad.

Available later in 2019 is face recognition, activated via an optional accessory. Avia may also be controlled via the app from anywhere in the world, for example to allow easy access for service providers.

Users of the Avia app can learn at a glance the status of the lock, with a full audit trail recorded for all activity. A traditional key may be used in the TS 007 3-Star cylinder as an emergency backup. Any competent person may install Avia in minutes on existing multipoint-equipped doors.

Mighton’s Mike Derham said: “Mighton Avia has been thoroughly developed and extensively tested to ensure that we have a highly functional, secure and effective product that is simple to install and which works seamlessly using Apple HomeKit technology.

“Recent statistics show that there are 1.3 billion active Apple devices worldwide. For everyone with an Apple iPhone or iPad, Mighton Avia will provide a highly effective Apple HomeKit-enabled smart lock solution for their home or properties under their control.

“After extensive development work with Apple, users will have the confidence that Avia will work seamlessly with their devices.”