‘Finance revolution’ helping to fuel burgeoning bifold boom

A new finance initiative promises to make it easier for installers to sell bifolding doors.

Improveasy’s managing director Austin Barcley said that he has seen a huge increase in the number of installers using its products to finance bifolding door purchases.

“A bifolding door is an aspirational investment but typically costs around £6,000, which for many is a substantial amount to pay up-front,” he said.

“Thanks to our finance options Mr and Mrs Jones can now pay an affordable monthly fee.”

Austin said he has also seen a shift in the conversation around finance for windows and doors.

“It has long been a widespread practice for people to pay for phones and cars with finance but not some home improvements,” he said. “This is changing now, and it represents a fantastic opportunity for installers to win more profitable new business, and cross-sell and upsell better with part-finance options.

“Offering finance to your customers can also increase order values as property owners will have the option to spend more on their dream product, rather than settling for their least favourite option.”

Improveasy’s finance package means that homeowners can have their doors installed immediately and pay just £55 a month for them, rather than being resigned to save for potentially years at a time.

The company also said that by offering customers financial solutions packages, installers help them to feel supported in their decision and increase the chances of their customers returning to them in the future.