Faster processing for increased output

Weatherbreak recently invested in a new Kombimatec AMC308 CNC machining centre when it moved to a bigger factory.

“Kombimatec seemed to offer everything needed to meet our requirements at a realistic price,” said Peter Hedges, director of the PVCU windows, doors and conservatories fabricator.

“Simply put, it does exactly what it said on the tin. We were already aware of Kombimatec, and after seeking advice from a few different people we were pointed in their direction for what we needed.

“The machine was actually in the factory while we were putting a new roof on it. Because we were renovating we had to keep changing the delivery dates and moving things around but Kombimatec delivered it when they said they would and the customer service ever since then has been excellent.”

“The AMC308 CNC machining centre is a huge benefit to fabricators,” explained Kombimatec’s directo, David Parsons. “It automates the traditionally time consuming task of routing lock cut-outs and handle hole preps in doors, therefore enabling staff to get on and perform other tasks. Faster processing increases output and the machine’s accuracy reduces wastage.”

The machine comes equipped with a colour touch screen, USB port, four adjustable pneumatic clamps, electronic variable speed control 0-12000rpm, precision 8mm collet, automatic rotation of the work piece 0-90-180 degrees with adjustment for intermediate angles. Longitudinal stroke 2,550mm or 3,000mm, width stroke 180mm, depth stroke 140/90mm. Options include a 5HP Electro-spindle, automatic tool change cabinet, barcode scanner, 2D matrix scanner, and tunnel guard for working with longer extrusions.