Faster and cheaper to install

The new TL6020 system from OnLevel is designed to use its Flex-Fit adjustable glass alignment system while being certified to 1.5KN (BS6180), and is officially launched this spring.

“Available through our carefully chosen distributors and installers, On Level has taken the renowned 6010 profile and reworked the design ensuring all the positive benefits of the existing system are maintained while introducing a range of additional ones,” Gary Dean, managing director, said.

“We developed the range to use 50% fewer anchors and also replace the type used to low cost bolt anchors, which saves a significant cost in fixations and installation time.

“Because all OnLevel systems are focused on being fully drained and available in 2.5m and 5m lengths in three finishes and any RAL colour, we are going far beyond just offering a base shoe – we are offering a complete mature and fully operational system for the long term.

“A complete system includes fully welded corners and cover caps plus premium packaging for safe shipment, which is precisely what we offer with TL6020. Low cost installation tools of less than £200 complete a perfect package.”